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John Robert GardnerSep 16, 1999 10:58 am 
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Subject:Out of Line/Stand off Markup
From:John Robert Gardner (
Date:Sep 16, 1999 10:58:51 am

Looking into the issues of concurrent markup (e.g., Sanskrit Rig Veda has basic book/hymn/verse/line structural divisions as well as non-sequential chronological sub-divisions wherein synchronous parts of composition are scattered in differening areas which overlap the structural divisions, hence defying XML's demand of well-formedness viz. nesting), I'm trying to maximize R&D time viz. blind alleys.

Those of far greater wisdom than I have proposed a range of solutions, one lamented the "lost" concur function of SGML of many moons ago. I've pondered puttering with XML Schema's == or, less likely, the DOM. Is anyone working with well-formed TEI out there who has addressed this in any fashion? Is there a pending--or even debatable--consensus?